How to whiten wood – Highly effective techniques

How to whiten wood – Highly effective techniques

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Wood is a material that can also be bleached and in this guide, we will explain how to do it with a very simple technique that you can carry out yourself at home.

So if you are thinking of giving a new style to any wooden furniture in your home and give it a more vintage, rustic or classic touch, pay close attention to the following lines.

We will explain how to whiten wood with a technique that is within the reach of any fan of decoration because the products you need are very easy to get.

Bleach wood with hydrogen peroxide

Although there are different methods to whiten the wood, we explain one of the most effective and simple techniques to do it. For this, you only need oxygenated water, take note!The technique of bleaching furniture with hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common, and for this, you will need oxygenated water at 130 volumes. What you should do is mix 3 parts of hydrogen peroxide with 1 part of ammonia. As regards the quantities, you should use them according to the size of your furniture.

Sand the wood and apply the mixture

When you have prepared your mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, you must sand the surface of the furniture to remove imperfections and rinse it. Then, clean it with a mild detergent until the accumulated dust is totally removed.And when the surface is perfect, you can apply the whitening mixture with a white cloth other than cotton. Let it rest for a few minutes and then rub with another cloth to discover the final result. Finally, do not forget to go through the surface of your furniture a cloth with alcohol. The result will be spectacular!It is very important that to carry out this task, you protect yourself with gloves, glasses and a mask, since you are using oxygenated water with a very high concentration, so the risk of burns and poisoning is much higher.As we promised you, it is a very simple task, which is available to anyone. But if you do not dare to do it or you have doubts about how the final result will be, you can first make a small test on some old furniture that you have at home.How  to Whiten Wood how to whiten wood How to whiten wood - Highly effective techniques img 47092 apa 291990 600

Special products for bleaching wood

If this technique to whiten s wood does not convince you or the results obtained are not what you expected, you can go to any DIY store and you can buy special products for this type of task.On the other hand, there are other products that can be used to whiten a wooden furniture, such as bleach, oxalic acid, and sodium hydrosulfite. In the case of bleach, you should use a bleach with a concentration of 12%, otherwise, there is a risk that the wood acquires a yellowish color that is not very aesthetic. For its part, the oxalic acid must be diluted with water or alcohol before and must be applied hot to increase its decolorizing effect. In addition, at the end, it is necessary to wash the wood due to its toxicity.
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