Free Woodworking Plans on the Web

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For novices and skilled woodworker both, to find a woodworking plan that strikes one’s fancy is often the first step towards implementing a new project. Although you might not immediately associate the Internet with woodworking, the fact is that the Internet is a viable source of free woodworking plans, if you know where to look.


From beds and bedroom furniture for chicken coops, freewoodworking.com offer a great range of free woodworking patterns with step-by-step instructions complete with photos. Freewoodworkingplan.com claims to be the Internet’s original and largest source of free woodworking plans and projects.


WoodProjects.com offers more than 9,000 woodworking projects to choose from. Although the site offers free woodworking plans and projects, it also provides woodworking plans for purchase. WoodProjects.com offers a free membership, which allows users to customize preferences browsing and save projects for future use.


Minwax is known for its line of wood stains. The Minwax website also offers woodworking plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced woodworking craftsman. The projects are grouped by level and plans can be downloaded. Plans range from basic shelves and magazine racks to tables and desks.

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