Easy and Free Woodworking Plans

Easy and Free Woodworking Plans

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Woodworking is a great hobby, but it can be frustrating. It requires a plan of attack to be successful. One way to ensure success in woodworking and hone your skills is to follow woodworking plans. There are plans on the internet that you can download for free. But there are some things to keep in mind when using these plans.

free woodworking plans  free woodworking plans Easy and Free Woodworking Plans free woodworking plans


A good set of woodworking plans will be complete. This means that it contains a full and complete list of materials. This includes lengths of boards (not just the type used), all the power and hand tools required, as well as hardware such as nails, screws and pins. Each should be accurately sized. Once you start, you do not want to find out you are missing an important tool or piece of hardware. Another thing to look for is bit sizes of routers and drills, as well as the type of bits to be used. It is very important. Some free woodworking plans fail to mention this important information.

In Depth Explanations

Good woodworking plans have depth explanations if they are involved in the construction of your project processes. There should be clear and easy to understand, even without the help of pictures. If the plans have pictures, but it’s a big plus. Do not look for plans that are too wordy, but many free woodworking plans are too scarce in explanations. If you are a good woodworker will have enough experience to work around these issues, but for the beginner trying to decipher complex plans for complex projects, it may be enough to send you back to the computer to look for a new hobby.


Starting a Woodworking Business from Home

Where to find them

Free woodworking plans can be downloaded from many woodworking sites, but there are some that you can try first. The first is www.woodworkersworkshop.com. It has plans with pictures and great detail. You can do a search for “woodworking plans” to find more. Some blogs will be planning, as well. You can get alternative perspectives and perhaps easier ways of doing the same project by downloading two or three sets of plans from different places (as they are free).

How to use them

Some people complete the entire project from free woodworking plans. But sometimes, free plans are not the best and most productive way to build something. Study your plans and go through them completely before you start, because you can see a better way to do something. You can also try to substitute different types of hardwood or hardware to those suggested if you already know how the project is going to go together in the end. I would recommend you to buy these woodworking plans if you are interested in doing some serious work.

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