Starting a Woodworking Business from Home

Starting a Woodworking Business from Home

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Woodworking products are always in high demand, even taking into account the fact that the cost is much higher than similar products made of plastic and other materials. The high price is due to naturalness of the material used, as well as the complexity of its processing. That is why Woodworking Business from Home is very lucrative and rewarding. Wooden furniture creates comfort in any room, wooden frames and doors are considered to be more environmentally friendly, but some things just can not be made from material other than wood. Traditionally, for woodworking business from home requires a relatively small cost. However, profits at the same time is not very high, according to some owners of such business. In fact, the success of your woodworking business depends on several factors, chief among which are:

  1. The range of your company,
  2. Product quality
  3. Methods of promotion.

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What to do before Starting a Woodworking Business from Home?

Before opening the woodworking workshop, as well as any other business, you need an in-depth analysis of the market. This can be done very easily by yourself, without resorting to marketing agencies. Explore the range of your competitors (their contacts and addresses can be found on the Internet), visit furniture stores, supermarkets and construction markets, ask sellers what exactly the product is in demand.

What Products you could make with your Woodworking Business?

Think about what you could produce. Some woodworkers choose one narrow specialization and produce, for example, only one window frames or doors. Others prefer to work with a large range of fine woodworking products, producing souvenirs, logic and board games and puzzles, toys for children, children’s furniture, sports equipment, products for the garden and the kitchen, and so on.  However, when choosing a second direction of work you will be able to find their own competitive advantages. Someone produces children’s toys with a minimum application of paints and varnishes, positioning their products as the most environmentally friendly and safe for children. The cost of these toys is sometimes above colored wood, as such products require perfect wood processing. When painting wood, many defects are hidden under a thick layer of varnish and paint, so their production is not labor-intensive.

Nevertheless, a significant portion of consumers are willing to pay for top quality and safety. In addition, the majority of carpenter workshops can manufacture products in small volumes. “Circulation” one name is rarely more than a few hundred items. For buyers (and also for the workers) it turns into a big variety.

Someone prefers the production of gift items for the kitchen. It can be both standard shelves for spices and other small things, a spatula and a spoon to remove the sample from preparing meals and mixing, napkin holders, coasters hot, bread bins, cutting boards. Retail price of such products may be low, but the business of their production is very profitable for large volumes. For example, cutting boards, depending on the material used and the complexity of the artistic processing, sold at a price of 70 to 300 p. The simplest coasters hot from individual reechek sold at a price of 25 p, and the stand of polished sections -. About 100 p. Simple napkin stand 150 p., And the cost of larger products (eg, bread bins, mini-drawers) may be about 1000 r. and higher.

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In the CIS countries there are companies that produce so-called gingerbread rolling pin and board. Spice has always been a favorite delicacy in USA. And until now, many housewives cook these products at home. For molding shaped cakes using special rolling pin and board, which are made from beech wood and impregnated with linseed oil. Gingerbread boards and rolling pins have recesses or bulges, respectively, in the form of images of animals, objects, fantasy characters, vegetation patterns, fruits, and so on. D. Their production requires a little more time than usual working on a rolling pin or board for rolling. And, nevertheless, patterned rolling pins are in high demand and as a cooking tool, and as a souvenir.

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Thus, you can start with the production of a certain type of product for your Woodworking Business from Home, and then gradually expand its product range, adding a beautiful and unique items made of wood, created according to your design.

Area for Your Woodworking Business from Home

To accommodate a small carpentry workshop you need light filled and dry place (this is very important, because wood is afraid of water) with an area of not less than 50-60 square meters. On a small area you can save space by using a compact machining center, rather than individual machines. If you are going to engage in the manufacture of door and window frames, the room should be of sufficient length (at least four meters). For these purposes, even a garage fit, shed or basement. The main thing that your room met all the requirements for fire safety. It is also desirable availability of electricity 380 (although it is often cost and lower voltage – 220 V).

Production of windows and doors (which begin with many metal workshops) carried out in several stages. First, cut out timber, and check their quality. Then the work piece is processed, and going the whole frame construction. At the last stage of the product surface is sanded and coated with lacquer, stain, paint. Each of these steps is carried out at a single site and with the help of special equipment.

Equipment for carpentry workshop can be partly made independently. If you have at least a small skills, you will be able to make a workbench, vise and even lathe according to the drawings, which are given in special directories (they can be found on the Internet). However, the work equipment will still have to purchase (in some cases, can be taken and used, but in good condition). You will need the disk or socket saw, jointer, marking gauge, power tools (drill, mill), hand tools (saws, chisels, mallets, jig saw, sander, etc.). Part of the equipment can be rented.

You can also purchase individual machines and to buy directly machining center, with which it will be possible to carry out most of the work. This facility replaces the main production facilities of a small shop (in particular, it is an alternative to milling, grinding, planer, planers). Moreover, for its installation requires much less space than when placing individual machines. With a choice of machining centers, problems also arise. This equipment is produced in our country and abroad. The cost of the universal center is 150-200 thousand Dollars. In addition to the center, you need the following tools and equipment: calipers, electric planer, tape measure, drill, screwdriver, jigsaw, sander, circular saw blades, moisture meter, a set of hand tools, tools for drawing and coloring antiseptic substances, fan bags to remove sawdust.

Note: detailed list of necessary equipment depends on what you want to produce.

If you are going to engage in the production of small parts, the first time you can get by on their own (or with one assistant). However, if you plan to make an overall product -.. Window and door frames, furniture, etc., without the assistance of at least two professional woodworkers, carpenters can not do. In any case, the first time you need your presence in the shop, where you will not only perform part of the work, but also to control other employees.

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No matter which manufacturer it is you do. In any case, you need a lot of skill and, not least, the imagination. Any product made of wood is unique, even if this is a common window frame and a chair. The high quality of your products and its original design in itself will be a great competitive advantage. However, about advertising (especially in the first stage) also did not forget. You can organize the sale of their products directly to retail outlets – specialized stores, sellers in the markets and in building supermarkets. However, an agreement with the latter will be more difficult (and most expensive) of all. If you produce products for children or cooking equipment, respectively, then sell it needed in stores children’s goods or goods for the house (it can be also online shopping). Do not interfere, and own website, where you can lay out high-quality photos of the products, their detailed description and their contacts. You can also place ads in free advertising publications distributed (in the first place, it is important for the sale of windows and doors).

Minimum cost of organizing Woodworking Business from Home

The minimum cost of organizing the carpentry workshop will be about 50 thousand Dollars. This amount includes room rental (up to $6000-$7000 per month) in the absence thereof in your property, utility costs (depending on the area), raw materials (about 10 thousand. Rubles for the first batch of goods), tools (75. rubles). Also, you will need to register as IP and to obtain all necessary certificates (for example, if you are going to engage in the production of children’s toys). The profitability of this business is 23%. Net profit per month -. 30 thousand rubles, and the payback period – 4 to 6 months.

If you are interested in large production volumes and higher profits, the costs will be much higher. Special equipment will cost 150-200 thousand. Dollars, another 80 thousand Dollars required to buy tools. Add to that the transport costs for delivery of equipment (plus 50 thousand dollars), the purchase of raw materials (400 thous. Rubles) rent premises.

Thus, the total amount of investments in your business will be about 750-800 thousand. Dollars. At the rate of return can be accessed within 9-12 months of plant operation. Please note that this calculation is not laid on advertising costs, since it is expected that sales will be carried out directly through the shops.

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